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Vanessa Playtis Law office is located in Barrie Ontario,
specializes in Real Estate Law services including Wills & Corporate law.

The Law Office of Playtis – Cameron treats you more than a client.

Our mandate is to provide you with consistent and streamlined assistance that puts you at ease. We believe in standing by you from start to finish with regards to your legal needs.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with personalized, cost effective and plain language legal advice.

The Law Office of Playtis - Cameron


Real Estate


It’s important to know and understand all the documents related to a real estate transaction, whether it be residential or commercial. 

Our firm offers excellent advice and service to help our clients purchase and sell their homes, cottages, multi-residential properties, vacant land and office space. 


Our firm represents vendors, purchasers, landlords, tenants, financial institutions, non-traditional lending institutions and developers. Our firm advises clients on their opportunities and assist with resolving any disputes that arise.

Based on our years of experience in handling a variety of real estate matters, we help our clients in making informed decisions, whether personal or business, which is critical to their success and happy sale or purchase of real estate.


Our firm provides the following advice and service in relation to residential real estate:

  • Drafting and reviewing offers to purchase or sell;
  • Purchasing or selling a home, vacant land, cottage or investment income property;
  • Mortgaging or refinancing;
  • Drafting and review of leases;
  • Transfers of title;
  • Co-ownership agreements; and
  • Survivorship applications.


Our firm provides the following advice and service in relation to commercial real estate:

  • Drafting and review of offers to purchase and sell;
  • Purchasing or selling all types of commercial properties;
  • Mortgaging or refinancing; and
  • Drafting and review of commercial leases.

Wills & Estates


Our firm prides themselves on preserving and protecting your wishes. We strive to ensure that your assets are carefully protected and passed on in the way you intend. 

Our firm carefully breaks down all assets that you own, including real estate, pension funds, insurance strategies and family business to be able to outline all of your estate planning options.

During your most vulnerable times, we strive to prepare Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property in a manner that will ensure a continuity of care and property management that you deserve.


We provide the following advice and service in relation to will and estate law:

  • Wills;
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care;
  • Power of Attorney for Property;
  • Estate administration;
  • Probate tax avoidance strategies;
  • Legal advice to Estate trustees;
  • Notary; and
  • Probate applications.



Our firm assists our clients in a variety of corporate matters. From the creation of a business. Growing a business and looking for advice on any corporate matter. Established business looking for assistance with restructuring or sale, we are here to help.


We provide the following advice and service in relation to the corporate law:

  • Incorporation, organization and minute book maintenance and filings;
  • Articles of Amalgamation;
  • Articles of Amendment;
  • Shareholder and Partnership Agreement negotiation and drafting;
  • Asset Purchase and Sales;
  • Share Purchase and Sales;
  • Business succession planning; and
  • Partnership and joint ventures.


Vanessa Playtis

Vanessa has been practicing law for 10 years, as of June this year. She has worked in several mid-large size firms in Windsor, Toronto and Simcoe County areas. Vanessa has worked in many of areas of law and her focus is on residential and commercial real estate, estate planning, estate and corporate law.

Vanessa goes the mile for her clients and prides herself on finding the answers that her clients seek. Vanessa has teamed up with many organizations to help broaden her network in order to help her clients needs. She has taken on significant leadership role with the Ontario Bar Association real estate executive committee for the past 6 years, so she can be at the forefront of upcoming legislation proposals, changes and implementation of new law.

When Vanessa is not practicing law, she is spending quality time with her family, by going to local restaurants, festivals and exploring the hidden gems in Simcoe County.

Braeden Cameron

As the Business Manager at The Law Office of Playtis-Cameron, Braeden uses his strategic prowess and commitment to excellence to serve as an integral part of the team. With a rich background in construction, Braeden leverages his experience as a template for managing multiple office communications and marketing projects, ensuring smoothy run environment dedicated to top-notch customer service.

His ability to streamline operational processes is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and work ethic. He believes that success is achieved through meticulous planning, clear communication, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Beyond his career, Braeden is a loving father of two, a role he takes immense pride in. His commitment to his family is a reflection of his dedication to excellence in all aspects of his life. Braeden Cameron is not just a Business Manager; he’s a true embodiment of professionalism, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence.


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